Prime Day!


Amazon prime day!! 0

Alright folks, I just barely joined Amazon Prime this year, yes I know its about time right?!!  Lol! Why have I not joined until now?  How did I miss the awesomeness that comes with it??  Well, I'm about to make up for lost time.  I might need an alibi so my husband doesn't freak out when all my packages show up, lol!! I'm going to list some of my favorite deals I am seeing on Amazon Prime day and things I am looking for. 

I am a mom of 2 busy boys, and a business owner, chauffeur, cook, owie fixer, wife, church leader, etc. etc. etc.  So when I'm in a pinch for dinner, this Instant pot saves my life!  Cooked a full roast in 90 minutes!  And it was soooo juicy and tender!  Theres a few sizes and versions, so I'll post them all here. I have the 6 qt. 



  • Sara McClellan